EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush
EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush
EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush
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EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush

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Plastic Sucks: 

Your average kitchen sponge is entirely made of plastic. Plastic which is usually not recyclable, meaning they will end up in landfill or the sea after we are done with them, where they take hundreds of years to break down and cause environmental mayhem.

Not only that, but the sponges claiming antibacterial and odor-removing benefits are typically full of toxic chemicals- bad for us, and the environment.

Enter- Ecoconut Kitchen Brushes:

These Ecoconut Kitchen brushes, made with sustainably farmed coconut husk’s (the outside bit of a coconut) for bristles and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited timber for handles, are a far more environmentally friendly and sustainable dish washing option.

As well as being far more appealing to the eye than the old yellow cleaning sponge, they are highly durable, easily cut through tough grease, are safe on non-stick pans and easily remove mold.

Natural & Biodegradable:

These brushes are 100% natural and totally biodegradable. And as they are naturally antibacterial, they contain no nasty toxic chemicals.


These brushes come in recyclable card, and the packaging is entirely plastic free and free of any tapes.



  • 100% natural

  • Biodegradable

  • Made from sustainable coconut husk and FSC certified timber

  • Naturally antibacterial

  • Free from toxic chemicals

  • Non Sctratch

  • Easily removes mold

  • Stylish design

  • Designed to get into hard to reach places

  • Sustainable

  • Plastic free packaging

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

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