Swag Lunch bag
Swag Lunch bag
Swag Lunch bag
Swag Lunch bag
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Swag Lunch bag

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The Lunch Swag is a plastic-free lunch bag made from thick layers of 100% natural cotton which can be machine washed, allowing you to reuse it.

A reusable replacement to disposable plastic bags and wrap. Ideal for sandwiches, fruit and snacks on the go or even food storage at home. The Lunch Swag keeps food fresher for longer (reduces sweating and drying out). Plus it has a nifty pouch for cutlery or even a mini ice pack as the Lunch Swag is a perfect insulator for hot or cold foods. There is also a space inside to personalise with your name.

The cotton is completely natural and sustainable as well as being unseeded which makes it non-allergenic. Since it’s designed for food, the cotton is non-toxic and unbleached - this lunch bag is even compostable!

A reusable lunch bag for sandwiches, fruit or snacks:

    • 100% Natural

    • Sustainable

    • Plastic Free

    • Zero-waste

    • Reusable

    • Non-toxic

    • Non-allergenic

    • Unbleached

    • Compostable

  • Machine Washable
The Swag Lunch Bag is a reusable, plastic-free sandwich bag. Not only is it eco-friendly and sustainable, but it also helps to keep food fresher for longer. This snack bag also has a special pouch at the back for cutlery or anything else you might want to separate. You can insert an ice pack into this pouch which will then act as an insulator for cold food.

The Lunch Swag has been designed to reduce both drying out and sweating which helps keep your lunch fresh for much longer. The pouch design makes it easy to empty out and wash so it can be reused without hassle.

The factory that produces The Swag is certified by SEDEX for Ethical Trading practices. Made in India where the cotton is grown, the production of The Swag is SEDEX certified ensuring a sustainable and ethical supply chain. SEDEX conducts ethical audits of the factory and the supply chain every year.

The Swag proudly supports Destiny Rescue, through every Swag sold. A proportion of profits goes to this charity who help rescue children enslaved in the sex trade around the world and also helps to keep children from entering the sex trade through various prevention programs. Destiny Rescue ensures justice for those who have been wronged and raises awareness of these important issues.

Size - 22cm x 17cm. The stitching and the fabric is plastic-free, there is one small care instruction label inside that is synthetic which is necessary for the care information.

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary and Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary

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