Olive Wood Soap Dish
Olive Wood Soap Dish
Olive Wood Soap Dish
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Olive Wood Soap Dish

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A stylish natural olive wood soap dish, handmade in Germany from retired olive trees. Each soap dish is unique as it is lovingly carved from a piece of olive wood and includes water draining holes.

Length approx. 12 cm Width approx. 7 cm Height approx 1 cm - each dish is unique with unique characteristics so sizes and shapes vary slightly.

Please rinse a few times before use to remove some of the natural oils.

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

Who made your case?

At Greener Habits we only stock products which are planet, animal and people-friendly. This also means making sure the people who make our products are paid fairly and treated well. Our toothbrush travel cases are ethically made in a family run business in China which employs 50 people. They are paid a very fair wage, 25RMB per hour during the day, and 35 RMB per our during the night (I have been informed this is very fair in China), and work in a clean and safe environment. To see pictures of the production factory see product pics.

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