Organic Velour Thong Liner

Organic Velour Thong Liner


Ditch Disposables:

Women on average will use well over 10,000 disposable sanitary products in their lifetime. All of which end up in landfill or wreaking havoc in the sea, taking several hundreds of years to decompose. They are therefore not quite as ‘disposable’ as we may initially think.

Disposable sanitary items are also usually full of nasty chemicals, including bleach (to whiten them) and even plastic, so they aren’t even great for our lady bits either.

Enter- Reusable Thong Liners

These reusable organic velour thong liners by Honour Your Flow are not only beautiful to look at, they are the perfect alternative to disposables. They are used very similarly to a disposable thong liner, but instead of sticking to your pants, they are secured with a plastic push button. With good care these pads will last years, which will dramatically cut down on your waste, but also save you lots of money.


These thong liners are made from a single layer of organic cotton velour on top, and backed with polyester fleece (with polyester fleece wings). They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear, and discreet too.

Thong liners are also comfortable in non-thong undies.

Additional Information & Overview:

  • Reusable item

  • Machine washable 60 degrees

  • Organic velour top layer

  • Backing made of polyester fleece

  • One size suitable for all undies sizes

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

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