Double Walled Glass Infuse Flask - 320mL and 430mL

Double Walled Glass Infuse Flask - 320mL and 430mL

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No Excuse For Single-Use:

Single-use hot drink cups are used, on average, for only 13 minutes. Yet due to their mixed paper and plastic content, they are very difficult to recycle. In fact, less than 1% of hot drink cups are recycled, with most, after their short usage, being dumped in landfill where they take several years to break down. Globally, each year, it is estimated over 100 billion single-use drink cups go to landfill. 100 billion! How crazy is that?!

Enter- Reusable Glass Infuse Flask:

These 100% leak proof infuse flasks, with internal & external walls made of double walled borosilicate glass, are the ultimate tea/fruit infuse friend. Not only will they help you avoid single use cups and plastic filled tea bags, they look great and they come with two different filters-

Short Filter- for long infusion. Simply fill the glass flask with a few leaves, pieces of fruit or herbs, place the short filter in the neck of the bottle and pour in hot or cold water.

Long Filter- for short infusion. Fill the longer filer/basket with tea leaves, place it into the neck of flask and pour hot water over to infuse. Remove the filter before drinking. 

You can also use it as a water bottle, or as a reusable cup for tea on the go.

Care & Use:

  • Do not put in the dishwasher, oven, microwave or freezer

  • Clean before each use

  • Clean with warm soapy water and/or with baking soda  using a non-abrasive element

  • Let it dry head down

  • Store with lid removed

  • Careful, hot liquids or hot foods can burn: use the product with caution

  • Do not overfill. Fill to just below the threading in the body

  • To prevent spills and leaking, properly and fully tightened the lid to ensure an airtight seal

  • Extreme differences in temperature can lead to cracks and breakage of the glass

  • Do not stir your drinks with metal stirrers

  • It is highly recommended to transport the product empty, upright and protected by a sleeve


Each bottle comes in a recyclable cardboard gift tube, with full instructions, and is completely plastic free.


  • Reusable item

  • Comes in two size options- 320ml/10.8oz or 430ml/14.5oz

  • Flask is made with with internal & external walls made of double walled borosilicate glass

  • Lid stainless steel

  • Leak proof seal is silicone

  • Qwetch offer a 2 year warranty on all of their products

  • keeps drink hot for 1 hour

  • Each glass is hand blown, so many vary in size very slightly

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

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