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Wooden Incense Box - Sunray, Stars & Moon

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This finely hand-crafted mango wood incense box releases a gentle and aromatic scent through diamond-shaped vents while also serving as a decorative piece. This hand-carved wooden incense box is ideal for meditation, yoga or other ceremonies, and also everyday use at home. 

The box is designed to collect the incense ash and is easy to clean, making it perfect for everyday use. It can also hold both incense sticks or incense cones, and there is a handy added space at the bottom of the box to store your unused incense sticks too. 


Place an incense stick in the side hole, or place an incense cone on the little cone plate and close the lid and light it.
The ash can be emptied easily after use- please wait for the ash to cool before emptying.

Materials & Packaging

Mango Wood

Metal Brass Fixings


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