Mouth Care Kit

Mouth Care Kit


The Ultimate Zero Waste Mouth Care kit!

Starting out on a Zero Waste/Low Impact journey can be such a minefield. From searching for and finding products that are plastic free, natural and that tick all the boxes- people, planet and animal friendly, to then trying them all to find the ones you actually like/work, and are reasonably priced too.

Enter- Our Ultimate Zero Waste Mouth Care Kit

Knowing how important good mouth care is, and also how much plastic and nasty chemicals can be involved in the usual mouth care routine, we decided to put a special Zero Waste Ultimate mouth care starter kit together. Giving you an opportunity to try several items all at once at a reduced price from buying them separately, which we believe are not only essential but also the best we have tried out there to keep your teeth and mouth lovely and clean, but the planet and animals safe too.

What's Included-

Two Bamboo Toothbrushes- Each kit will include two Greener Habits bamboo toothbrushes. You can choose from several combinations of either white, pink or blue bristles. All of the bristles are currently soft (but that will be changing shortly to include medium bristles too, so keep a look out).

To read more about our Greener Habits bamboo toothbrushes click here

Charcoal Dental Floss- The kit also includes one plastic free floss, which comes in a reusable glass dispenser. And unlike many of the Zero Waste flosses out there, it is totally vegan and totally cruelty free. No silk worms need be harmed to keep our teeth food free!

To read more about the dental floss, including full ingredients click here

Truthpaste Toothpaste- Also included is a 40g jar of Truthpaste of natural clay based toothpaste. You can choose between either Fennel flavour or Peppermint & Wintergreen flavour. This stuff is my favourite of the natural ones I have tried, and gives your teeth a lovely fresh clean feel/taste.

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For Peppermint & Wintergreen flavour information click here

Tongue Scraper- One of our newest additions, the copper tongue scraper, will also be included in each kit. Since starting to use mine over a year ago now, I can't go a day without using mine!

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Bamboo toothbrush travel case- We will also include one Greener Habits Bamboo toothbrush travel case with every kit, which is the perfect travel accessory to keep your bamboo toothbrushes clean, dry and safe from stray fluff and bits. Each travel case fits two of our bamboo toothbrushes in snuggly if put them in top to tail. Each case also comes with a cute Ele logo engraved.

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  • Two bamboo toothbrushes (choose pink, white and blue combos for bristles)

  • One charcoal plastic free dental floss in reusable glass dispenser

  • One 40g jar of either Fennel or Peppermint & Wintergreen Truthpaste

  • One copper Tongue Scraper

  • One Greener Habits bamboo travel case

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

Buying this special kit saves you just over 10% off the price of buying all the items individually.

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