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Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels
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Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels

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The Issue with Tissue:

It takes around 2.2 L of water to produce one tissue/kitchen towel. And tissues/kitchen towels are typically not made of recycled materials due to issues with making them soft enough, meaning trees continue to be cut down for a tissue which lasts us a mere few minutes. They are also not recyclable once used, so all of our single use tissues/kitchen towels head straight to landfill creating a lot of waste.

Although cotton kitchen towels also use a lot of water to produce, they are reusable and the reuse of them makes them the far more environmentally friendly option long term. They also don’t mean lots of trees get cut down, simply to be used for a few seconds.

Enter- Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels

Replace your paper kitchen towels with these beautiful hand made reusable single ply birdseye cotton towels by Tabitha Eves Co.

The "birdseye" weave of this cotton makes these towels super absorbent and excellent for wiping down surfaces. They wont just smear muck around.

One of my new fave reusable kitchen items!

Additional Information:

  • Organic cotton

  • Reusable item

  • Each pack contains 5 unpaper towels

  • Each towel measures 9" square and is edged to prevent fraying.

  • Wash cool and hang dry to minimise shrinking (10-15% shrinkage considered normal after first wash)

    Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

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