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The Greener Habits Co

Organic Long Handled String Bag

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Ban the Plastic Bag:

Globally we use approximately 5 trillion single use plastic bags a year. That’s 160,00 per second. Scarily most plastic bags are not biodegradable, taking up to 1000 years to decompose, and only a very small percentage are recycled. They are damaging to the environment, but also cause harm, and even death, for many wildlife each year.

Enter - The Reusable Shopping bag:

These classic organic 100% Cotton long handled String Bags are naturally super strong and durable. The bags will take up to 40kg in weight- checked by Which? These are perfect for loose fruit and veggie shopping, and with a 40kg weight allowance you can fit a lot in.

We buy our bags from Turtle Bags, who are registered with BAFTS and commit to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. For more information about BAFTS click here BAFTS

Why only undyed cotton bags?

We chose to sell bags only made with organic undyed cotton fabric, because this is much kinder to the environment than dyed cotton.

By purchasing a 100% Organic cotton bag you are voting for a more eco-conscious and fair world.



  • 100% natural undyed cotton bag

  • Takes up to 40kg in weight

  • From a BAFTS registered supplier

  • long and soft handles

  • Fits a lot of fruit and veggies in.

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary