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Organic Produce Bags Small and Medium

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Ditch Plastic Packaging:

Britain’s leading supermarkets create more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year according to a Guardian report (2018). Not all of this single use plastic packaging is recyclable, and even if it is recyclable, much of our plastic waste still ends up in Landfill or the sea. Most of the plastic packaging is totally pointless too- fruits and veggies already have a skin!

Enter- The Reusable Produce Bag:

These 100% natural, undyed and handmade (by me) organic cotton produce bags are the perfect solution to avoiding plastic packaging, and for avoiding single use produce bags when purchasing loose produce such as nuts, seeds, pasta, rice, lentils, beans, and even fruit and vegetables.


I buy this material from a family run organic textiles company in the UK, who only buy their fabrics from GOTS certified mills in India and Turkey. They distribute 10% of profits to their staff, and have a small charity in India called 'Loom’ where they return some of the profits from their fabric sales to help the weavers they work with in Kerela.

Organic & GOTS Certified:

Our cotton bags are organic and certified under the Global Organic Textile  Standard (GOTS), which means no chemical pesticides or fertilisers were used in the production of the of the fabric. It also means the farmers must work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage.


  • Small- 10inch x 8inch

  • Medium- 13 inch x 10 inch


  • 100% organic hand made natural cotton bags

  • GOTS certified

  • Order as many as you like of each size

  • Drawstring style bag-drawstring is cotton too

  • Hand stamped with vegan water based ink

  • Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only

  • Do not tumble dry

*Sizes may vary slightly, as every product is hand made. The ink stamp may also vary in position and depth of colour, as each bag is stamped by hand.

*see other listing for larger produce bag perfect for bread.