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Heath & Heather

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Naturally sweetened with apple, enjoy this refreshing, caffeine-free cup of Heath & Heather's infusion. Crafted with select ingredients and no artificial flavors, it's designed to support your wellbeing. 

Raspberry leaf tea has been said to be a source of protective antioxidants, support digestion, alleviate inflammatory conditions, help with menstrual cramping and water retention and help alleviate morning sickness. It may also support during late stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. 



For 1 bag in 200 ml of freshly boiled water at 99% infuse for 3-6 minutes.

Ingredients & Packaging

Raspberry Leaves 30%, Hibiscus, Apple Pomace, Blackberry Leaves, Raspberry Flavouring 5%, Tartic Acid, Rosehips, Raspberries 1%



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