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The Greener Habits Co

Recycled Pencils - Various Colours

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Take Note: 

Like me, you may have thought the humble wooden pencil is the best option environmentally, it is a natural material after all. But wood-based product production has been linked to biodiversity loss, reduced ecosystem quality, and increased greenhouse gas emissions. 

Enter- Recycled Pencils:

A great alternative is to make products from materials that already exist.  Which is exactly what VENT for change have done! There is unfortunately an abundance of plastic CD cases in the world today already, which for the most part would be considered useless now. But for VENT for change have taken initiative and made an absolutely beautiful range of pencils from old CD cases, right here in the UK! What is not to love?

VENT also give 10% of their net turnover sales to support children's education projects worldwide. How wonderful is that. 

These pencils made the perfect gift for you or a friend.

Overview & Additional Info:

  • Pack of 3 recycled pencils 
  • Pencils finished with a stunning gold embossed ‘ideas’ logo.
  • Made in a UK pencil factory in Worcestershire from recycled CD cases.
  • 3 x recycled writing pencils.
  • Hard graphite grey writing core
  • Made from recycled CD cases
  • No wood at all yet they sharpen with a traditional sharpener

Every purchase helps support sanctuaries.