Organic Reusable None Sponges

Organic Reusable None Sponges


Plastic Sucks:

Your average kitchen sponge is entirely made of plastic. Plastic which is usually not recyclable, meaning they will end up in landfill or the sea after we are done with them, where they take hundreds of years to break down and cause environmental mayhem.

Not only that, but the plastic sponges claiming antibacterial and odor-removing benefits are typically full of toxic chemicals- bad for us, and the environment.

Enter- Natural None Sponges

These beautiful handmade None Sponges are the perfect solution to planet polluting plastic filled sponges. They come in a set off two, one with a hessian side for more hard core scrubbing of pots and pans, one with a cotton terry side perfect cleaning surfaces (or even yourself, its that soft!). Plus, don’t they look super cute?

Care Instructions:

These none sponges are very easy to care for. Just chuck them on a cool wash, and dry flat. Simple.

Natural & Biodegradable:

These None Sponges are built to last, but when the time eventually comes, you’ll be pleased to know they are fully compostable! Just cut up your None Sponge up (carefully) and add to your compost heap.


Each None Sponge comes with a small recyclable sleeve, and nothing else. Totally plastic free!

What they are made from:

One sponge is made from- Cotton, Hessian and kapok plant fibre filling

One sponge made from- Cotton, cotton terry, and kapok plant fibre filling


  • 100% natural

  • Organic

  • Reusable and long lasting

  • Compostable once no longer useable

  • Dry flat

  • Plastic free packaging

  • So much prettier than an old plastic sponge!

  • 2 sponges per pack

Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

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