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Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms 3pk - Standard

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These condoms are sustainably sourced and made with ultra-thin material containing no harsh chemicals. Enjoy enhanced pleasure and peace of mind knowing that your condoms are gynae-approved. Feel good about using the best condoms on the planet!


Our Step by step guide to putting on a condom
1. Had that condom hanging around for a while? Make sure to check the expiry date, which can be found on the box or the foil wrapper of the condom itself. Our own HANX condoms guarantee a few years from production to expiry, so you have time to get your loving on safely.
2. As soon as the penis is fully erect (or you've grabbed your favourite dildo/toy), you’re ready for a condom.
3. Grab the HANX, quick! Trying to put a condom on a non-erect penis or floppy toy isn't easy and you might rip the latex as you struggle to unroll it.
4. Ready to open the foil? Gently nudge the condom inside to the opposite side from where you’re opening the foil wrapper so you don't rip the latex. Don’t use your teeth or anything sharp to tear the foil open and keep sharp nails and jewellery well away, too.
5. Make sure the condom is the right way up. The ‘teat’ or bubbled tip of the condom should point upwards - and this pointy bit needs to be facing away from the tip of the penis/toy when you roll it on.
6. Pinch the tip of the condom with your thumb and forefinger to get rid of the air, as trapped air in this area could make the condom split during use. The more you know: the space inside the top of the condom is to collect semen (where applicable). It may be more comfortable to pull the foreskin back (if the penis is uncircumcised) before placing the condom on.
7. Carefully roll the condom from the tip all the way down to the base of the penis/toy. If it won’t unroll easily, it could be inside out. Big alert: if this is the case and you're having sex with somebody with a penis, remove that condom and start again with a new one, as it could already be compromised with semen.
8. Let's get ready to rumblllleeeeeeeee! Get stuck it and give them one from us.
9. If the condom slips down a little, just roll it back down to the base of the penis but if it comes off completely, start again with a new one to make sure you're protected from pregnancy and/or STIs.
10. When it’s all over, keep hold of the condom at the base of the penis to make sure it doesn’t slip off while you pull out. Take the condom off, tie a knot in it (no balloon animals, we beg you) so that the contents don’t spill out and wrap it in a tissue.

Did you know oil can break down latex? Pair with water-based Lubricant for extra motion in the ocean and peace of mind.

Materials & Packaging

100% natural fair trade latex that biodegrades in your compost
Cardboard box
Foil wrapping

HANX condoms can be disposed of in household waste or compost, and start decomposing under the influence of light and oxygen after about 3 months.


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