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The Greener Habits Co

Unscented Tea Lights - 24 Pack

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These tea-lights are a decidedly preferable alternative to their paraffin (a by-product of gas and oil refineries) wax counterparts which can aggravate health issues like asthma. These comes as a pack of 24, in a cardboard box. They are un-perfumed and vegan friendly; they don't contain anything other than natural plant wax and the wick is made from cotton.


The wax is made from organic clean burning soya and palm wax (100% vegetable palm oil) sourced from Malaysia. The material supplier of these materials is a member of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. This means it is traceable from the plantation to the factory and the crops do not come from deforested areas.


Diameter of each candle is roughly 3.6cms (1.5 inches)