Vanilla Starlight Candle- Run with Wolves
Vanilla Starlight Candle- Run with Wolves
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Vanilla Starlight Candle- Run with Wolves

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Candles! We all love a good scented candle, but not all are all made equally, or with safe, eco-friendly ingredients. And not all are vegan either. The synthetic fragrance oils, and waxes used in most commercial brands are bad for us, the environment and any animal breathing them in. Not cool.

Enter- Eco- friendly vegan candles!

Fear not, we have a lovely range of beautifully scented hand poured vegan candles from Run With Wolves. Each candle is hand poured in Wales in the UK, using only the finest natural, environmentally friendly soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer, and 100% pure organic essential oils, which means there are no colourants or dyes in these beautiful candles.

Vanilla Starlight Natural Soy Candle:

If there was a candle that captured a cosy night by the fire, this would be it. Warm notes of beautifully blended vanilla and nutmeg, with a subtle sweet scent and warming undertones, making this the perfect cosy candle. It is one of my personal favourites of the Run with Wolves Candle range. 

The jars these beautiful candles come in are apothecary style amber glass with aluminium lids and are 100% plastic free. When you have burnt your candle why not use the jar for up-cycling, they are great for for storing herbs, pencils, cotton buds or anything else you fancy!

    • Size- 180 mls

    • 100% natural soy wax [renewable, sustainable resource, phthalate free]

    • 100% organic pure natural Essential Oils

    • No colourants or dyes

    • 100% vegan

    • Burn longer and cleaner than paraffin wax [up to 35 hours]

    • Reusable glass jar

Every purchase helps support animal sanctuaries. 

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