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The Greener Habits Co

Vintage Handkerchief

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The Issue with Tissue:

It takes around 2.2 L of water to produce one tissue. And tissues are typically not made of recycled materials due to issues with making them soft enough, meaning trees continue to be cut down for a tissue which lasts us a mere few minutes. They are also not recyclable once used, so all of our single use tissues head straight to landfill creating a lot of waste.

Although cotton hankies also use a lot of water to produce, they are reusable and the reuse of them makes them the far more environmentally friendly option. Especially if you buy secondhand vintage ones, like these beauties.

Enter- Reusable Vintage Hankies

These vintage hankies (many completely unused with original stickers on) are the perfect alternative to planet polluting tissues. Each one is a little piece of history, and most have a beautiful embroidery on them making them really unique and very special.

I hunt high and low for each one of these at a variety of places, and have either just one of most designs, or at most a handful if I find a set.

When ordering, please specify if you would like a plain white hankie, a solid colour, or one with embroidery. Otherwise I will send you a suprise. If two hankies are ordered, I will typically send one plain white and one colour or embroidered hankie.


  • 100% vintage hankie
  • Vegan (no silk or wool hankies are bought or sold by me)
  • Listing is for just one hankie
Every item purchased helps support Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary

*I buy only hankies in the very best condition, but as all of the hankies I sell are vintage, there can be slight discoloration on them, or some small faults/slight stains.