Vegan Bulk Food Shop

Come and visit us at our physical bulk food shop on St James St in Walthamstow, London! 

We have everything available in our online shop, plus lots more. You can find a range of loose bulk foods, including grains, rice, pasta, herbs & spices, and also refill cleaning products, body care products, oat milk and cooking oils. We also have a range of speciality vegan products including cheeses, butter, cooking cream, pesto, and a large range of vegan snacks and treats. 

New Additions:

We recently added a peanut butter machine to the shop! So we can now make fresh peanut butter for you, without any added salt or oils, on site. It is absolutely delicious and has been a hit so far!  

And, we now have fresh kombucha on tap. We currently have two flavours, which will change seasonally. You can enjoy a cup on site, or fill a container up to take and enjoy at home. It is a real treat. 

If we would like to refill any products, please bring along some clean & dry containers such as cleaning bottles, jars, glass bottles, Tupperware or cotton bags. If you don't have any spare containers at home to refill, we have a donated bottle and jar section in our shop you can use and paper bags too. And we also sell a range of beautiful reusable bottles and cotton bags in store. 

Click here for a PDF of all the refill and non refill products we sell in store.