Essential Swaps To Create a Zero-Waste Bathroom

Essential Swaps To Create a Zero-Waste Bathroom

Human beings produce a lot of waste in our daily lives. From the cardboard cups that carry our morning coffee, to the disposable cutlery we use at lunchtime, and even the food leftovers after dinner (portion control is hard, we get it!) … waste is quite literally all around us. 

That waste does not just disappear. It ends up in our fields, in our waters, and sometimes in us.

It is imperative to counteract the ever-growing problem of stuff that we adopt a zero-waste, or at least more minimal lifestyle. The essence of the zero-waste movement lies in shifting consumption patterns, carefully managing purchases and maximising the reuse of materials. 

These guiding princes are at the core of Greener Habits. We aim to offer zero-waste and sustainable solutions to everyday waste. You can rely on Greener Habits as a judgement free-zone, where we understand every little helps. Almost like your green fairy Godmother! 

To help you, we are going to be sharing some zero-waste swaps you can make in every room of the house; starting, today, with the bathroom! 

Reusable, Reusable, Reusable

Changing your consumption habits can be as easy as choosing a zero-waste supermarket over a mainstream one. At Greener Habits, we sell a range of reusable bathroom products. From make-up wipes, to face-cloths, to menstrual cups and razors!

You’ll never have to throw anything in your bathroom away, benefitting both the planet and your wallet!

 Go Biodegradable or ... Go Home

For … obvious reasons, some bathroom products can not (and should not, fyi!) be reused. In those instances, opt for biodegradable instead. Biodegradable materials are a great alternative to everyday plastics found in our bathrooms, because they can be broken down by our beloved planet Earth.

Some examples of the biodegradable products available at Greener Habits are bamboo toothbrushes (just remember to remove the bristles before you recycle or compost!) and body sponges!

We also stock recycled toilet paper at our physical shop in Walthamstow, which gets bonus points by coming in paper and not plastic!

 Squeaky Clean

Long gone is the stereotype that hippies were always a little bit smelly. Now, we're the ones who smell the best!

Long gone is the stereotype that people who loved the planet refrained from taking showers, now, it’s the tree-huggers who smell the best! Greener Habits sells bar soap in such irresistible scents such as orange with grapefruit, lavender with tea tree and rosemary with lime. How can you resist? These soaps are all, of course, vegan and cruelty-free. They also come to us naked, and we will wrap them in whatever paper we can find! Less waste, more fun!

These bar soaps can be used pretty much anywhere you want to smell and feel amazing, hands, body, face, the lot! Beyond soaps, we also sell shampoo and conditioning bars as well as shaving bars.


Save Water

Our final swap isn't exactly a swap, but more some general advice! You're welcome!  The bathroom is a contradiction of sorts. It's the room in the house where we are required to use the most water, but it's also one of the easiest places to make water conservation a habit! 

Some simple ways to conserve water in your bathroom are to opt for showers over baths (if you shower for 5 minutes a day rather than showering, you will save up to 1,000 gallons of water per month)

To start, a simple way to conserve water in your bathroom is to opt for showers over baths. If you shower for 5 minutes a day as opposed to taking a bath, you will save up to 1,000 gallons of water per month. Now, doesn't that sound nice?

You should also check taps and shower-heads for drips and leaks thoroughly before leaving the bathroom as one drip every second adds to five gallons of water usage a day! Finally, turn off the water while you brush your teeth and you will save up to four gallons per minute!

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Words Jacob West


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