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The Greener Habits Co

Bamboo Cotton Buds

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Switch the Stick:

Your average cotton swabs are made from plastic and cotton and also come in plastic packaging.

They are another commonly found plastic polluter of beaches, and I have even collected several from the River Thames- most likely after being flushed down the loo.

They don’t biodegrade but break down into tiny pieces, which wildlife can mistake for food. Not cool. 

Guilt-Free Swabbing:

The Greener Habits Co. bamboo buds are 100% cotton, biodegradable and come in a recycled and recyclable card.

After use, they can be disposed of in your organic bin or your compost bin.

Each box contains 100 cotton and bamboo buds.

You can now happily swab away, knowing no wildlife are going to have your swabs for lunch.

Materials & Packaging


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