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Bamboo Cutlery

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Ditch Plastic:

Single-use plastic utensils are an environmental disaster.

Used on average for a mere few minutes, single-use plastic utensils such as cutlery will sadly be around a lot longer, taking thousands of years to break down, and never fully biodegrading.

Plus, they are pretty useless at doing their job, usually being rather flimsy and breaking when trying to actually cut or pick food up with them

Enter Reusable Bamboo Cutlery

This super lightweight yet sturdy bamboo cutlery set, including a fork, knife (with serrated blade), and spoon, is the absolute perfect plastic-free alternative to single-use cutlery for food on the go.

Take them with you to work, day trips, to the beach and when travelling afar. You’ll never need to use disposables again!

Care Instructions:

Hand wash only, do not use in the dishwasher. Always let your bamboo cutlery dry fully.

Store your bamboo cutlery in a well-ventilated place, and never in air-tight sealed containers. I store mine in a cotton pouch between uses.

*Bamboo cutlery is also available in a handy carry pouch here or a cutlery roll set here


  • Made from 100% sustainable bamboo

  • Reusable item

  • Plastic free

  • Hand wash only

Materials & Packaging


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