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Compostable Sponge Cloth Roll

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 A 12-sheet roll of compostable, washable European sponge cloths; each sheet perforated for easy removal. Crafted from natural, renewable resources and completely plastic-free, these sponges are highly absorbent and durable. After use, they're easily home-compostable.

  • Dishwasher safe or washing machine
  • 100% plastic-free and vegan
  • Made in Europe 



Detach a sponge cloth from the perforations of the roll. Wet the sponge cloth then wring it, and use to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and all other household areas, or hands while outdoors. Wash the cloth after use. Subsequently, store the used cloths in a dry spot, for example, a kitchen drawer.

Materials & Packaging

70% cellulose and 30% cotton


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