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Oceansaver Dishwasher Tablets

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Introducing the NEW and noticeably improved Eco Dishwasher tablets by Oceansaver. Bringing you eco friendly dishwashing with maximum cleaning power that doesn't cost the earth. These Plastic-Free, Phosphate-Free, All-In-One Dishwasher Tabs works wonders on your dishes, glasses and pans. With salt and rinse aid built-in and no plastic wrapper, simply pop in your dishwasher compartment for a superior clean every time.


Before loading into the dishwasher, remove food scraps from your dishes and cutlery and rinse heavily soiled items. Load your machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. There is no need to unwrap the EcoDrop tablet as the film is dissolvable and biodegradable. Be sure to handle the tablet with dry hands, and place on tablet per wash into the dispenser. Do not place tablet in the cutlery basket. Wash hands after handling. Run dishwasher as per manufacturer's instructions.

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