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Plastic Free Double Sided Sponge Scourers

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The Ecojiko double-sided sponge scourers are the perfect eco-friendly cleaning solution for any household. With a super-absorbent softer side ideal for wiping surfaces and a more abrasive side designed to scrub pans, floors and baths, they are more durable and effective than traditional plastic sponges. Made from sisal, a natural plant fibre and cellulose, made from wood pulp means these sponges are 100% biodegradable and will leave no traced of plastics in your water system. Free from unpleasant smells, these sponges will last longer and take better care of your home and the environment.

Materials & Packaging

Each box includes:

4 x cellulose & sisal sponge scourers

1 x recycled / recyclable box

100% BIODEGRADABLE: These sponges are made from sisal, a natural plant fibre and cellulose, made from wood pulp. They will therefore biodegrade rather than spending thousands of years in landfill like plastic sponges.


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