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Fit Pit

Natural Deodorant - Tea Tree & Orange

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Aerosol Last Year

Nearly all of us will likely use some form of deodorant daily. Sadly however, most deodorants usually come in either difficult to recycle gas filled aerosol cans or plastic containers, such as roll on deodorants. This means many of our deodorant containers will be heading straight for landfill and the sea, where they take hundreds of years to biodegrade and cause environmental mayhem.

Many brands of deodorant also contain chemicals which are harmful to you, such as SLS, or the environment, for example the compressed gases in aerosol cans, and are not animal friendly either.

Enter Fit Pit Tea Tree & Orange Natural Deodorant

Just because you want to go plastic free and earth friendly, doesn’t mean you need to stink! This Fit Pit Deodorant is scented with invigorating Tea tree and Orange essential oils, and is my personal favourite.

It contains only Natural and Organic ingredients with anti-bacterial properties which really do keep body odour at bay all day, whilst still allowing your skin to breath and perspire naturally as it should. Sweating we like, its the bodies natural way to remove toxins, smelling is not so pleasant.

*Suitable for sensitive skin.

How it works

The sodium bicarbonate in this deodorant keeps the smell caused by underarm bacteria at bay, whilst the Coconut oil and Shea Butter moisturise. This deodorant has a low bicarb content, and is therefore suitable for delicate skin.

Unlike some deodorants it doesn’t merely mask bad smell, it prevents it. And unlike antiperspirants it doesn’t block your sweat glands, which means your body can still remove toxins, making it even healthier for you.

The result is beautifully soft and healthy underarms with a delicious light scent.


This is a cream deodorant and is applied with the fingertips. Apply a pea size amount of this cream deodorant to underarms in the morning or after bathing. It melts on contact with your skin. No waiting to dry. No white stains.

Please note: If you have been using a mainstream anti-perspirant, this will probably have coated your skin and clothes. It may take several days for this residue to leave your skin.

All Natural

This deodorant is made with 100% organic and natural ingredients, and contains no parabens, BPAs or Aluminium Salts. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.


Please store in a cool dark place to keep Fit Pit at its best. In periods of very hot weather Fit Pit can be placed in the fridge - allow to soften slightly at room temp before use.