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Food Wax Wrap Refresher Bar

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The perfect waste free solution to any worn out Vegan Wax Wraps! This vegan wax bar can be simply melted on to your used wraps to give them a new lease of life. This saves wasting the cloth fabric on your food wraps, and is also a cheaper alternative to buying new wax wraps. 

This Refresher Block Will Do Either

Two Large Wraps OR three Medium Wraps OR four Small Wraps

The listing is for one wax fresher block. 


    Note- Please be careful when handling hot appliances or wax. Use protection if needed. 


    Break up your wax block into small spreadable pieces.
    On a baking tray, spread the pieces over your wax wrap in all of the places that need a new lease of life
    Place baking paper over your wrap with the broken block parts.
    Carefully use an Iron to melt in all the parts of your broken block into the fabric.
    Peel back the baking paper and lay to one side
    Quickly woft your revitalised wrap in the air to seal in your wrap!

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