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Bendy Glass Straws For Kids

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Refuse the Plastic Straw

I think most of us by now have either seen or at least heard of the video of the poor turtle having a plastic straw removed from his/her nose. A video that will stay with me forever.

Plastic straws are a danger to marine life and the environment, and take up to 500 years to decompose! Yet 8.5 billion of the things are estimated to be used in the UK alone every year! They are typically only used for less than 20 minutes, and are often not recycled.

Avoid adding to the already devastating amount of plastic straws being sent to landfill, our oceans and harming our beautiful marine and wildlife everyday with these amazing reusable Glass Straws.

Glass Straws

These reusable Strawesome Glass straws are hand blown by a family run business in the USA. They use both clear and coloured Borosilicate glass to make these glass straws, which has super durability and is more resistant to breaking than other glass. Borosilicate glass is so strong its even used in the windows of space shuttles! How cool is that?

These glass straws are totally safe too, and are BPA free, Lead free and Toxin free. The glass used is also non-porous, so even if there were any harmful chemicals in the straw (which there thankfully aren’t), it wouldn’t leak out into your drink.

Child Friendly

These particular straws come with a bend in them, making them child friendly (although adults can still use them of course).

They measure 7inch in length, and they bend at 5.5 inches.

Taking Care of Your Glass Straws

  • These straws are dishwasher safe (they are heat resistant up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit before they will melt!), so they can be safely washed in the utensil section of a dishwasher. For added safety, keep them separate from metal cutlery- although this is not essential.
  • If YOU are the dish washer, use one of our straw cleaning brushes available on our site here to effectively hand wash them, then leave to dry. A mason jar is a great and safe place to dry them.
  • A mason jar is also a great place to safely store your glass straws generally.
  • These glass straws are made from extremely strong glass, but please treat them as you would any glass item- with care. As like any glass product, they can break.

    Top Tip

    If using to drink thicker fluids such as smoothies, use a straw cleaner even before dish washing to make sure no bits get stuck. They can be difficult to remove once dried on!


    • One reusable Hand Blown coloured Borosilicate glass straw
    • 7 inch in length
    • 9 mm diamter
    • Bend at 5.5 inches
    • Suitable for kids
    • Can be used with hot and cold beverages
    • BPA free, Lead free and Toxin free
    • Vegan
    • Cruelty free
    • 4 colour options- pink, green, blue or purple
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Each straw comes with a lifetime warranty if it breaks accidentally. Using them as drumsticks doesn’t count as an accident