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Lemon and Lime Toilet Bomb, 6 Pack - Funky Soap

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Lemon & Lime Toilet Bombs:

These beautifully scented, natural and eco friendly toilet bombs disinfect, clean and remove limescale from your toilet, without the need for any nasty chemicals.

How to Use:

Simply pop one in either the water tank and leave it to work its magic. Or drop one in the toilet bowl itself, leave for a few hours or overnight and clean with your toilet brush. Your toilet will sparkle and have a lovely lemon & lime scent. 

Additional Information:

- Vegan

- Cruelty free

- Plastic free (paper packaging)

- Natural ingredients 

Please Note:

Funky soap make all of their products by hand, in small batches. So there may be slight variations in shape, scent, colour, size and appearance between different batches. This is totally normal.