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Black + Blum

Microwaveable Stainless Steel Lunchbox

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Introducing the perfect companion for your meal prep, camping, and take-out needs — the leakproof, airtight Microwaveable Stainless Steel Lunchbox! High-quality stainless steel ensures easy cleaning and oven or dishwasher safety. Experience the convenience of a microwavable lunchbox, thoughtfully designed by Black and Blum. Get ready to revolutionize your lunchtime!

I know you may be thinking “how can a stainless steel container be microwaveable”, we thought the same! But read on to find out how B + B managed it!

“We know that everyone was taught that metal cannot go in the microwave, but it’s only partly true. There are definitely some metals that should not be placed in a microwave, however, this does not include the high-quality stainless steel that we use. This type of steel, combined with the smooth and rounded shape of the steel boxes, means they will not cause sparking and are safe to use in the microwave.”

Product Maintenance:

  • Do exercise care as any major (like, properly major) dents and very deep scratches can start to cause sparking. 
  • Do not microwave with any cutlery or foil to avoid sparking.
  • Heat one box at a time, in 2 minute intervals, stirring in between.
  • Lid can be microwaved, be sure to open air lock seal.