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Qwetch - Insulated lunch boxes

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Looking for a way to keep your food hot/cool during the day? Whether you’re on the go or just don’t have the facilities to heat up or cool down your meals, this is the perfect item for you. It holds a very healthy 600/650ml worth of food and keeps hot things hot for 5 hours and cold things cold for 7! Perfect for both winter and summer days, and who won’t say no go saving some money by preparing food at home rather than buying out all the time, this is a win for everyone all year round! 

To keep your food hot for as long as possible, we’ve got some tips for you: 

  • Ensure that the seal is correctly placed inside
  • Pre-warm the flask with hot water and then empty it out (I’d give a wipe down straight after to make sure the droplets don’t draw out the heat you’ve created)
  • The contents should boiling/very hot before putting in the flask
  • Add contents up to the fill line to eliminate air pockets
  • Avoid opening the flask until you are ready to eat

And to help keep cold foods cold, you can pre-chill by placing in the freezer a few minutes before adding contents.