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Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - Pack of 10

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Replacement Blades for Safety Razors

These replacement razor blades are superior platinum double edge blades. They fit snugly in your razor, giving you the closet shave and smoothest skin time and time again.


  • Pack contains 10 replacement razor blades

  • Made from stainless steel

  • Compatible with all standard double edge razors

  • Great value for money in the long run

  • Blades size 42mm x 22mm

  • Cardboard packaging

Product care & End of Life

Make sure to carefully dry the razor and blade after use using a towel. Razor blades can be put inside a stainless steel can or box or glass jar, then taped up. and put that in the metal recycling bin. As this will make it easier to recycle and safer to do so.