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Copper Tongue Scraper with Pouch

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Tongue scraping is an ancient technique, which is simply the action of scraping of your tongue prior to brushing your teeth with an instrument shaped like a U. You may be asking yourself why would you want to do this? Several studies have shown that this simple technique helps to reduce undesirable mouth bacteria that can compromise our overall oral health, including the reduction of Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC), which are by-products of bacteria linked to bad breath.

Other benefits include improvements of taste sensation and reduction of tongue coating (that horrible looking white film you sometimes get).

Why Copper?

Copper is a bacteria-resistant metal. But it is not only seemingly toxic to bad bacteria, it has also been found to provide the important enzymes needed for healthy microbes in the mouth to survive

For more information on the incredible benefits of tongue scraping, especially with copper click here


Simply scrape your tongue from the back of the tongue forwards until clean. Rinse tongue scraper after use. Then brush teeth.

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